About shopping via Smartster

I am a new customer. How do I order a product?

Welcome to Smartster! We gather offers from different stores and online retailers and list them on our website. Here you will find everything from clothes and shoes to toys and makeup. The products you find on our website can either be bought directly online or via buying at the physical store.

The offers are shown on “small ads” and by clicking on one you will be directed to the detailed page of the offer. If you wish to buy the product simply click the “buy” button and you will be directed to the company’s page where you can buy the product.

To complete a purchase put the product in the shopping basket for the store you have visited. You can then put other products in your basket by repeating the same said steps above. When you are ready to pay for your products go to the checkout. This is where the paying process begins and you will be asked for your address information and payment method. Then we will ask you to go over and verify all the info before finally confirming the purchase.

Please note that you are not buying products from Smartster but from the company selling the product and it is their terms and conditions that apply to the purchase.

Do you have a catalogue?

No, Smartster does not have a catalogue for our assortments. New offers are added to the assortment virtually every day. That is why we recommend you visit Smartster.se regularly.

Do you have a store?

No we do not have a store you can physically go in to. It is important to understand that Smartster is not selling the product since we are a website that collects thousands of offers from many different stores.

Can I contact you?

You can of course contact us, but if you have questions concerning customer service, delivery, payment, complaints, returns or anything else to do with the product then you will have to contact the company that sold you the product.

On the “Contact” tab we have a contact form that you can use to reach us. We reply to every email as soon as possible during weekdays. We look forward to hearing from you.

Questions concerning a product

The product I want to buy is sold out- will it be restocked?

Since Smartster does not have any products we do not know if the company selling the product will restock it. But if they do then we will list the offer on Smartster again as soon as possible.

Smartster’s customer service unfortunately cannot promise if a product will be restocked or not. Sometimes the stores get products in return, which means that a sold-out item can return to the assortment. Therefore it is recommended you visit Smartster.se quite often. You can also sign up for our newsletter or “like” our Facebook-page: www.Facebook.com/Smartster.

Offers on Smartster will be up on the site as long as the product is in stock or until a certain deadline date for the offer has been reached.

I need more information on a certain product.

Smartster lists as much information as possible on individual products based on what information we get from the company selling it. If you want more information click on the “buy” button or the ”more info” button to be directed to the company’s detail page of the product. Oftentimes this page will contain more complete information on e.g. size, colour, material or if the product is a tight fit.

I have found a piece of clothing that you don’t sell. Can you find it for me?

Smartster unfortunately does not have the ability to pick individual products or offers into our assortment because the companies we cooperate with control that. However we do welcome tips and suggestions on how Smartster can be better for you as a consumer.

The product I bought is now cheaper. Can I get refunded on the difference of the new and old price?

Since you are not buying from Smartster we cannot refund the difference of the new and old price. Unfortunately we cannot compensate the customers who have ordered before a price cut is implemented.

KCan you tell me where else I can buy a certain product?

Our customer service can only inform you of the offers on Smartster.

Questions concerning payment methods

Accepted payment methods

All payments go directly to the company you are buying the product from and it is their payment methods (credit card, internet bank, by invoice or C.O.D etc) and terms and conditions that apply.

Is it safe to order online?

At Smartster.se we will never ask for your credit card or other payment methods. You will transact your purchases with the companies connected to Smartster and you should check up on their terms of payment. We are doing our very best to only work with serious companies and by that we mean that it is generally safe to order online. Nevertheless it is you who is responsible for your purchase and not Smartster.

When will you charge me?

Smartster will never take payment from you, but from the company you are buying the product from where their terms apply.

Questions on shipping and delivery


Orders are sent from the stores according to the delivery terms you agreed to at the time of the order. If your product is delayed or not delivered at all then you have to contact the company selling it. Smartster unfortunately does not have the possibility to track the delivery because we are just a service for gathering and listing offers.

How much do I have to pay for shipping?

The shipping charges can vary from store to store so we advise you to look into this before finalizing your purchase.

Can I combine several orders from different companies?

Currently you cannot. You will have to complete your different orders from each respective company.

I have made an order

Can I change my order?

If you want to change your order you will have to contact the store that sold it to you as soon as possible. They are the only ones who can determine if an order can be changed. Please note that Smartster does not receive information on what you have ordered since we are just a service for gathering and listing offers.

If I am not at home when my package arrives, what happens then?

In Sweden, most packages do not get delivered to your address, but the post office. In most cases you will receive a parcel number/order number via SMS or mail, as soon as the package arrives at the nearest post office.

I want to change the delivery address for my order.

If you want to change the delivery address you will have to contact the customer service for the company you ordered from as soon as possible.

Tracking my order

Can I track my order?

Check with the company you ordered from to see if you could track your order.

Right to withdraw

Can I come to you to return or exchange a product?

No. Since we are not selling the product/service, you cannot contact Smartster for returns.

I want to return a product.

Then you will have to contact the company you purchased the product from. A lot of companies have a 30 days right of withdrawal, but it can vary.

The product has flaws or deficiencies- complaints

Contact the company you bought your product from.

Note: We reserve the right for any typographical errors, incorrect pricing, lack of product description and price changes.

Note that Smartster makes every effort to widely represent all relevant information about the individual offers, but that all purchases are carried out at the stores that are connected to Smartster and not Smartster Group AB.